Friday 5/22

*Straight Leg Deadlift 5×8-10
-1 warm-up set before starting your 5 working sets
-build up w/ weight throughout the 5 sets but the last 3+ sets should be very challenging

*Lying Hamstring Curl 5×10-12
-bodybuilding mentality here
-slow/controlled reps
-full range of motion and squeeze each rep at the top
-stretch hamstrings between sets

*Sumo Front Squat 5×8-10
-use barbell/kettle bell/dumbbell
-hip press back placing all tension in the glutes and hamstrings
-chest up
-slow and controlled motion/nothing fast with these reps
-go as low as you can/feel free to elevate your heels if that helps better position you

*Standing Calves 5×25
-use set 1 as a warmup if you need
-sets 2 & 3 I want done with speed/don’t worry about full range of motion
-sets 4 & 5 slow and controlled/full stretch & range of motion