Here is the beauty of the BuiltReady Belonging. You are in full control of your level of involvement. You pick what BuiltReady daily disciplines you want to commit to. You don’t have to believe the same thing as everyone else to be an intricate part of the BuiltReady Belonging.


We believe men were created to compete: against ourselves as well as others. We believe we are supposed to master our bodies and to daily beat our bodies into submission. We will be men of character and integrity, and complete the allotted sets and reps for each exercise. We will track our rest times and weights precisely so we always have an accurate gage of how we are progressing week to week.

– In the near future we will have different levels of workouts to choose from

– As the BuiltReady Belonging grows, the workout options will grow

– Take ownership of the Belonging; what the Belonging desires is important to the overall growth of the Belonging.


We believe that “Gut Health” is second only to “Soul Health.” We believe that healthy foods lead to a healthy gut. A healthy gut leads to a healthy brain. A healthy brain commands a healthy body. Healthy bodies perform at elite levels in every area of our manhood. We believe that there is massive health and spiritual benefits to fasting. We are committed to working towards one 60 hour fast a month.

– The focus for December 2019 is to have no sweets or fried foods 6 days out of the week (except Christmas week)

– Enjoy Christmas week, make family and memorable moments the priority, stay active and consistent with the BuiltReady workouts as much as possible

– No fasting for December 2019 unless you would like to start the discipline before January 2020


We renew our minds with the truth of God’s Word through our BuiltReady Belonging daily study in an effort to become all God has created us to be. If a Biblical pursuit of wisdom is something you are not comfortable with, we encourage all Belonging members to spend time daily improving on areas of personal weakness.


We believe vulnerability is the first step in mastering manhood. We will be honest about our areas of weakness. We believe we are as sick as our secrets and weaknesses can not become strengths until they are willfully exposed.


We welcome accountability in all forms, from all people (even if they are not well intended). BuiltReady men can see through the negative and find the positive in any form of criticism. We are not overly sensitive or thin-skinned. We crave excellence and welcome people to speak into our areas of weakness that are holding us back from mastering manhood.


We believe no man should be treated as common. We believe that great talent and ability lie within the God-given DNA of every man and that it is our job to honor others in their individual giftedness. We believe that real manhood is not self-seeking and displays itself in the building up of other.


We are sacrificial givers. We give our time, energy, emotional and financial resources to encourage others in becoming BuiltReady

– $1 of the $4 monthly subscription fee is going to the BuiltReady Charitable Foundation

– In the months to come Belonging members will be able to give more than the $1 a month if we so choose

-100% of these funds will go directly to the charitable causes of the BuiltReady Belonging

12/1/2019 – 5/31/2020 All charitable dollars will go to compassioninternational.org

– After the first 6 month the Belonging can decide where we would like to give our charitable funds


We will plan the week ahead on Sunday night. We will plan our days the night before. We will be purposeful, not perfect, in our effort to be overachievers in mastering manhood.

– Our priorities will be displayed in our planning

– Soul health and physical health are the focus in the early morning

– With these two in-checks, we are properly positioned for peak performance

– Priorities after the morning will look different based upon the individual


We will live disciplined lifestyle, knowing that structure provides a framework to become successful in every area of life. 

– We will introduce new disciplines month to month that we tackle as a Belonging.

– Examples: limited daily time on social media, reading a Proverbs at night before bed, etc.


Every man’s rest and recovery needs vary. We work to average 49 hours of sleep per week. That is an average of 7 hours per night. If you miss a few hours during the course of the week, they can be made up on your rest day. We honor the Sabbath Principle. We grind like scorched earth in our daily disciplines 6 days a week and rest one full day each week.